Automation of building intelligent control system

Nowadays, building smartness is one of the most important requests and needs of the general public. The integration process brings cost savings and convenience.To have a smart building, you should pay attention to different parts of the building, which we will examine all of them below.

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1. Lighting control in smart building

Nowadays, remote lighting control is very important and is considered one of the important applications in smart homes. This possibility will not only reduce costs, but also has many other uses.

Why should the lamp in the parking lot, warehouse, corridors and even rooms stay on for a long time and you don't know about it, when you can know they're on and off status by just looking at your mobile phone and turn each one carefully Turn on or off as needed.

How to control the operation of lights in a smart building through a mobile phone?

  • In the system, you can turn the lights on or off manually by pressing the on/off buttons and you can find out the status of each one on the same page (manual mode).
  • By adjusting and programming on a daily and weekly basis in the system, the lights are on at certain hours of the day (depending on the amount you set) and are under your precise control (timer mode).
  • After turning on the corresponding light manually, you set the time period in the system, after which the desired light will automatically turn off (stable mode).
  • With remotes, you can also keep the performance of all lights under control.
  • In the electricity industry, products that can be discolored are called R.G.B. or Full Coller. These goods have features such as the ability to plan for color control, speed and brightness.
  • R.G.B. stands for Green, Red and Blue, which shows that by combining these 3 colors, it is possible to produce 16 million colors (full spectrum of colors)..
  • The effect of light and color on the soul is not covered by anyone, R.G.B. in the lighting system can change the color and atmosphere of the environment according to your desire and proportional to its atmosphere.
  • For example, the red color of excitement and happiness, the yellow color of the sense of warmth and optimism, the green sense of security and coolness, blue sense of trust and peace and ... It gives you.
  • Therefore, by changing the design of our homes or workplaces and taking into account the combination of light and color, we can consider the color of each environment according to that environment.

Ability to use security sensors as activators:

This enables you to change security sensors and use these sensors as an activator through the user system when you are in place. For example, in the construction industry, these sensors are used as smart keys for lighting, which is activated if the human presence (motion sensor) or the opening of the door (magnet sensor) is detected. In other industries, this capability is very practical and according to that industry, it will have a different application.

In fact, with the activation of the sensors, the corresponding output that you introduced in the system will be executed with the specific scenario you have planned.
In the system guide, the exact method of this method is given.

Ability to smarten up regular keys (by maintaining the previous state of keys)

This device is capable of intelligent wired lighting.

In wired method, a suitable intelligent should be provided in addition to daily and weekly planning and turning on and off via mobile phone and announcing real-time reports from the system, so that the keys can be used normally as well as all feedbacks in the system and be informed of the lighting status.

Another advantage of this method is that if the device is moved due to ... Remove from the switchgear, as well as all the keys work normally and you won't have any lighting problems.

2. Intelligent control of electrical appliances

Control of electrical appliances is another issue that has been considered in smart homes. Electrical devices can be controlled from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone, for example, heating and cooling system, humidifier, modem, etc. Of course, you should note that in electrical appliances that are supplied through the socket, the plug must be plugged into the socket first, thereby requiring your presence next to the device.

3. Intelligent heating and cooling system

By equipping buildings with intelligent systems, heating and cooling systems can be controlled in different ways, including:

  • By determining the high and low temperature limits of an environment, the heating and cooling system is automatically controlled by the user, here you equip the environments you want to have under control with the temperature sensor, and by adjusting the temperature limits in the system specific to that sensor, the cooling and heating system will be under control and the smart device will not allow the temperature to exceed the limit. that you specified to be more.
  • You adjust the heating and cooling system as scheduled. For example, certain hours per day are processed for the period of time you define in the system.
  • You can manually turn on and off the heating and cooling system through the system. One of the applications of this mode is when after a long time you want to go to your home or villa, you can turn on cooling and heating before entering the system so that you have a suitable temperature environment when you arrive at home.
  • You can manually turn on the heating and cooling system, then define a time in the system, for example 65 minutes, and the device automatically shuts down the heating and cooling system after this time.
  • By equipping the engine room with intelligent system, in addition to the hot water sent in harmony with the changes in the ambient air temperature, with the right temperature and at the right time to the building, also by adjusting the intelligent system, optimal time control can be applied for the heating problems of the building, one of the important applications of which is the use of heating in buildings with high temporal function.

4. Remote control of home security system

Security-safety systems have two inseparable components;

  • One: Safety-Security Device
  • Two: Sensors (Sensors)
  • Safety and security device: Here is a smart device that of course has more advantages than exclusively safety-security devices.
  • Sensors (sensors): It is responsible for detecting objects or humans and phenomena and physical parameters in the surrounding environment.

The necessary parameters are transmitted from the sensors to the device and the device is responsible for recording parameters, controlling the alarm and activating the executable elements (siren or electrical device in question).

A set of different sensors should be chosen in such a way that the type of sensors available next to each other can protect the place from any possible threats and dangers. In the security system, three types of sensors are used more than other types: motion detection sensors that are tasked with detecting movement around, door and window sensors that detect the opening of doors or windows, as well as linear fear sensors that are used in some cases.

Theft detection sensors:

PIR – Motion detection sensors with radiation sensitivity:

These types of sensors are often installed in offices and homes:

PIR + MW - Motion detection sensors using infrared radiation and microwave use:

Such sensors are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature or air movement. These types of sensors are more suitable for spaces that have both air conditioning and doors and windows.

Contac Teron – Door and window sensors that monitor the opening of doors and windows:

These types of sensors have two pieces that can be placed side by side by a magnet with a magnetic field around them. But if the door or window opens, first the two pieces will be separated from each other and the magnetic field will be lost, then the detectors will notify the control panel by sending the signal, and the alarm system will be activated.

Contactor – Door and window sensors that monitor the opening of doors and windows:

These types of sensors have two pieces that can be placed side by side by a magnet with a magnetic field around them. But if the door or window opens, first the two pieces will be separated from each other and the magnetic field will be lost, then the detectors will notify the control panel by sending the signal, and the alarm system will be activated.

Window break sensor:

This type of sensor reacts to sounds generated when windows are broken. Door and window sensors detect window openings but do nothing if it breaks. So this sensor is useful when someone wants to enter the place through a window break.

Types of environmental sensors (accident detection and warning):

Other sensors can be used if the purpose of installing the alarm is not only to control the intrusion into the building and theft, but also to be informed of any possible dangers such as fire. These types of sensors are usually required in places such as basements, warehouses, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It should be noted that the most important types of these sensors are those that protect the location from fire.

Smoke Sensor:

Detects smoke in a room in the early stages of a possible fire. Smoke and heat sensors throughout your home or workplace are vital to protecting you and your family.

Gas Sensor:

Their task is to quickly detect, exceed the amount of gas in space from a certain amount, and then inform the central device of the alarm system.

Gas leakage sensor:

This type of sensor, especially in places such as warehouses where no one is often present but there is a possibility of gas leakage, will be very useful in preventing accidents.

5. Electric Curtain

The electric curtain is highly regarded today, and this need is no longer only seen in large houses with a very high area and merely to make the space look luxurious, but it is one of the needs of every house for relaxation and well-being, for example, morning light is essential for fast waking up, which can be easily enjoyed by having a smart curtain.

To open and close your home curtains automatically, you need to install a special moto for the electric curtain. By using a smart system in the electric curtain, you can consider different modes for controlling the curtains, for example, open at sunrise in the morning and close at sunset in order to avoid indoor space, or close the curtains automatically when the landlord is not present at home and activates the safety and security system.

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mushroom planting

One of the important issues in growing mushrooms is the precise control of temperature and humidity in the halls. This component should be considered for more efficiency in the production of various types of mushrooms. Therefore, the correct and timely operation of heating and cooling equipment and the production of sufficient humidity provide the conditions for a successful harvest. For this reason, professional mushroom growers believe that temperature is the most important factor in growing mushrooms.

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Greenhouse smartening has received a lot of attention from greenhouse owners today. Reducing human error and increasing productivity as well as economic efficiency are only some of the benefits of greenhouse smartening.In a smart greenhouse, all important parameters including humidity control, temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, anemometer and any other electrical device can be controlled remotely.

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Since accuracy and order are important factors in raising chickens and poultry, proper management in this field is very important. The smart poultry system is considered one of the best ways to earn more profit in this field, which has received a lot of attention today.A successful manager for poultry farming first needs to have complete and accurate information, then by using his experiences and the appropriate intelligence system, he can experience high profitability along with peace of mind.


Farm mining

Miners are a means of mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Due to the fact that digital currency miner devices have a high price, their maintenance and protection have been given a lot of attention, the owners of these devices in most cases need moment-to-moment control of their equipment and tend to be concerned about their health and proper functioning during work. Be informed. Disconnecting and connecting electricity and controlling the status and temperature of miners are among the most important things that require remote control.


Swimming pool

The health and safety of people in the pool is very important, which is why it is necessary to filter the water regularly to ensure that it is clean and hygienic. The intelligent pool management system monitors the water quality and adds the optimal dose of chemicals if necessary and can even notify you if the water filter is blocked. By connecting to the heating system through a water pump, this solution allows controlling the temperature of the pool water remotely through a smartphone.

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fish farming

Today, fish farming is one of the most profitable jobs. But the problems and difficulties of keeping fish have made many people not start and work in a fish farm. By using new technologies and making fish breeding centers smarter, we can start working in this field. Smarting of fish farms, in addition to making fish farming easier, reduces costs and, as a result, increases profitability.

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A precise, regular and principled irrigation greatly saves and profits in agriculture and horticulture. Improper irrigation is one of the most important causes of seedling dryness as well as reducing its growth and productivity. Smart and regular irrigation can be achieved with the advancement of technology and by making a variety of advanced and accurate sensors. For a professional agriculture, we first need the experience of the farmer and then a precise and of course an industrial device.


Warehouse and cold storage

Cooling systems are one of the basic requirements for maintaining warehouses and drug storage centers, and they must do their job properly, as a result, the need to have accurate management to keep the ambient temperature within a certain range is one of the most important factors in cold storage; In order to facilitate this, an intelligent system should be used so that the distance between the temperature and humidity sensors does not create a problem for correct checking and also the coolers are under strict control according to the allowed temperature values.



The existence of an integrated system capable of controlling various electrical equipment in the building is one of the main elements in making a building smart. In the process of building smartness, home appliances or systems can be connected to a common network and controlled independently and remotely. For example, thermostats, lights, audio speakers, TVs, and more are all connected to a common system that can be controlled via a smartphone or via a mobile touch device.

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