Automation of Agricultural Intelligent Control System

A precise, disciplined and principled irrigation greatly saves and benefits more in agriculture and horticulture. Inappropriate irrigation is one of the most important factors of seedling drought and also reduces its growth and productivity. Since time is one of the most important human assets, we will consider a method of intelligent irrigation together that will be useful for proper use of time as well as the peace and comfort of dear farmers and gardeners.


With the advancement of technology and by making a variety of advanced and accurate sensors, intelligent and regular irrigation can be achieved. For a professional farmer, we first need the farmer's experience and then a precision machine and, of course, industrial one.

The system that we review in the following is designed according to the farmer's experience and important factors for cultivation such as ambient temperature, soil moisture, wind, rainfall, available water, etc. (considering the environment, type of trees and plants). And in different types of irrigation such as surface irrigation (traditional, observing a series of cases), drip and sprinkler can be applicable.

You can experience intelligent and accurate irrigation in several ways:

  • First mode: Manually turn on and off through the command system and turn the pump (solenoid valve, etc.) on and off manually.
  • Second mode: You can set an irrigation period by accurately scheduling and entering weekdays into the system, and the machine will do it accurately and the reports will reach you instantaneously (timer mode).
  • Third mode: You set the duration and choose stable mode, in which case whenever you order the power to be turned on by the desired electric device, it stays on until the specified time period and automatically shuts down after the timeout.
  • Fourth mode: You can connect to the inputs of the flutter device or any electrical device you want to get feedback from, and then have the app and settings according to the feedback.

Introducing the features of Paya 360 smart device for agriculture:

Each Paya 360 has 8 output connectors (analog and digital), which are used to connect to electrical devices, such as heaters, humidifiers, heaters, fans, coolers, and other electrical equipment, as well as 8 input connectors (analog and digital), In addition to detecting the entry and exit of people in the hall, they can connect to 4 accurate sensors, temperature and temperature - humidity.

  • Input: Sensors to detect the presence of humans or to open and close doors and windows, and to detect smoke and fire and any electrical device that needs to be feedback from it, such as a flutter.
  • Sensor: In order to connect to electrical devices such as heaters, heaters, coolers, water pumps, solenoid valves, etc.
  • Sensor: Temperature and temperature sensors - Humidity with high measurement accuracy as well as carbon dioxide and thermocouple sensors and …

Note: With this device, you can control sensors from any distance, unlike similar devices, there will be no errors in reading sensors by increasing the distance. This device can communicate on three communication platforms with the system installed on your phone, which is one of its main advantages.

Other features of Paya 360 remote control device:

  • It has a graphical and functional system.
  • Up to ten users can install the system on their mobile phone, one of them must be the main admin that can add or remove other users, only the main admin can access all pages of the system.
  • All instant reports and any way you define (e.g., only one message, call, activate the siren, etc.) will be sent to you.
  • The device has an e-time and the schedule you define in the system is exactly the same as the device.
  • It has built-in interlock (to keep all engines safe).
  • Switching through the system.
  • Time settings for remote control of electrical appliances both minute and second.
  • Announce power outages.

Intelligent irrigation based on sensor values:

You can use temperature, temperature-humidity sensors or any other sensor (depending on the type of agriculture you want) and get feedback by connecting to the device and experience an automatic and accurate irrigation according to its permissible limits.

Of course, greenhouse chillers, heaters and heaters can automatically turn on and off with ambient temperature and humidity feedback to keep the temperature and humidity of the environment within acceptable range.

Note: You have no restrictions on cabling temperature and humidity sensors. Using the module that connects to the device and is actually the interface between the device and the temperature and humidity sensors, you can wire the sensors up to 1,200 meters away from the device.

What is the function of intelligent irrigation system during rain?

The intelligent irrigation system can be adjusted to prevent irrigation in case of rainfall for a certain time.

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If you are the owner of one of the industrial, commercial, agricultural places and you have concerns about smart building, be sure to use our free consultation in this matter. Our experienced experts are ready to check and assess the feasibility of your location so that they have the best solutions with cost estimates for you.

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mushroom planting

One of the important issues in growing mushrooms is the precise control of temperature and humidity in the halls. This component should be considered for more efficiency in the production of various types of mushrooms. Therefore, the correct and timely operation of heating and cooling equipment and the production of sufficient humidity provide the conditions for a successful harvest. For this reason, professional mushroom growers believe that temperature is the most important factor in growing mushrooms.

mushroom hall


Greenhouse smartening has received a lot of attention from greenhouse owners today. Reducing human error and increasing productivity as well as economic efficiency are only some of the benefits of greenhouse smartening.In a smart greenhouse, all important parameters including humidity control, temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, anemometer and any other electrical device can be controlled remotely.

green house


Since accuracy and order are important factors in raising chickens and poultry, proper management in this field is very important. The smart poultry system is considered one of the best ways to earn more profit in this field, which has received a lot of attention today.A successful manager for poultry farming first needs to have complete and accurate information, then by using his experiences and the appropriate intelligence system, he can experience high profitability along with peace of mind.


Farm mining

Miners are a means of mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Due to the fact that digital currency miner devices have a high price, their maintenance and protection have been given a lot of attention, the owners of these devices in most cases need moment-to-moment control of their equipment and tend to be concerned about their health and proper functioning during work. Be informed. Disconnecting and connecting electricity and controlling the status and temperature of miners are among the most important things that require remote control.


Swimming pool

The health and safety of people in the pool is very important, which is why it is necessary to filter the water regularly to ensure that it is clean and hygienic. The intelligent pool management system monitors the water quality and adds the optimal dose of chemicals if necessary and can even notify you if the water filter is blocked. By connecting to the heating system through a water pump, this solution allows controlling the temperature of the pool water remotely through a smartphone.

smart pool

fish farming

Today, fish farming is one of the most profitable jobs. But the problems and difficulties of keeping fish have made many people not start and work in a fish farm. By using new technologies and making fish breeding centers smarter, we can start working in this field. Smarting of fish farms, in addition to making fish farming easier, reduces costs and, as a result, increases profitability.

fish farming


A precise, regular and principled irrigation greatly saves and profits in agriculture and horticulture. Improper irrigation is one of the most important causes of seedling dryness as well as reducing its growth and productivity. Smart and regular irrigation can be achieved with the advancement of technology and by making a variety of advanced and accurate sensors. For a professional agriculture, we first need the experience of the farmer and then a precise and of course an industrial device.


Warehouse and cold storage

Cooling systems are one of the basic requirements for maintaining warehouses and drug storage centers, and they must do their job properly, as a result, the need to have accurate management to keep the ambient temperature within a certain range is one of the most important factors in cold storage; In order to facilitate this, an intelligent system should be used so that the distance between the temperature and humidity sensors does not create a problem for correct checking and also the coolers are under strict control according to the allowed temperature values.



The existence of an integrated system capable of controlling various electrical equipment in the building is one of the main elements in making a building smart. In the process of building smartness, home appliances or systems can be connected to a common network and controlled independently and remotely. For example, thermostats, lights, audio speakers, TVs, and more are all connected to a common system that can be controlled via a smartphone or via a mobile touch device.

Smart house